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Symptoms of methadone detox

I want to start a brief day to day account of my mental and physical symptoms as my methadone detox goes from 40mg/day to 0mgs. There will be no attention paid to grammar, but only that of relaying how I feel mentally and physically. At the end of each day, I will give a numerical rating as to my overall feeling through the day- 5 being best and 1 being worst. It will always be in the “Daily symptoms log” category and I will just edit and add to as I go. I think it could be helpful for others that have the desire to get clean of methadone, to generally know what to expect. I want everyone that reads this to know that I am no doctor, and have no medical experience whatsoever. I am sure that every case of detox is unique to the person experiencing the symptoms. These are mine:

4/6/2012- Decreased from 40mgs to 35mgs today @ 5am. Felt fine throughout the day, but started to get a little anxious as the day turned to night. Evening brought pain in legs/stomach and headache later. First bout of nausea since beginning detox @ 6pm today. Ate good and drank plenty of fluids. Had constipation.  Was able to fall asleep okay. Overall feeling  3

4/7/2012- Tossed a little in the night. Woke several times with chills, headache, stomach pains, pain in legs and back. Once I dosed in a.m, symptoms subsided and felt good. Felt much better than I was expecting. By 10pm was feeling very sluggish with stomach and leg pains. Nausea and constipation. Was able to fall asleep well. Overall 3

4/8/2012- Tossed and turned all night. Woke up all night with chills. Had stomach, back and leg pains. When dosed@ 6am symptoms eased but not totally subsided. Very sluggish from 12pm on with headache, stomach and leg pains. Had to drink prune juice to have bowel movement. Was not easy going to sleep. Overall 2

4/9/2012- Tossed and turned 2nd night in row. Symptoms subsided when dosed @ 5am.  Felt very good today once I got moving. Had fairly physical day at work which I think did me good. Sweat a lot. Drank lots of fluids. @ 5pm was utterly taxed. Had stomach and leg pains till bed at 10:30pm. Went to sleep fine! Overall 4

4/10/2012- Tossing and turning was minimal. Woke with very bad headache and chills. Dosing @ 5 took the chills, Advil took headache. Worked another physical day and am feeling much better. Drank plenty and ate good. Stomach feeling better than it has in months. Feel sluggish and weak when I sit down and notice it. Bed @9:30pm with no problem falling asleep.  Overall 4

4/11/2012-Slept great! Woke only once to use bathroom and only mild stomach pain noticed. Woke @5am and dosed. Felt great all day with only minor stomach cramps. Ate and drank good. 9:30pm bed, but was a bit hard to fall asleep because of heartburn and stomach ache. Overall 4

*I am noticing that I have been feeling especially good this week. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the extra physical week I have been having at work. I have also noticed a direct correlation between eating good and feeling good. ie: the better I eat, the better I feel.

4/12/2012-Slept very good after feeling a bit crappy as I went to bed. Don’t think I woke up at all. Woke @4:30 and dosed, but no symptoms to quell. Strange because usually the mornings, before I dose, is the worst time of day for me. Felt very good all day. Mild stomach cramping. Ate and drank well. Bed @ 9:00pm went to sleep okay but not great. Overall 4

4/13/2012-Slept good/woke once. Woke @ 4am for clinic. Had no symptoms other than mild stomach cramps. Dosed 30mgs @ 5:30am. Felt reasonably good throughout the day. Ate/drank okay, but not great. Evening was different story as I experienced the full gamut: Chills, leg pains, stomach pains/diarrhea, heart palpitations, headache, sharp pin prick feelings in various places, lots of sneezing and runny nose. Advil and bed @ 11:30pm and actually fell asleep okay/quickly. Overall 3

*I need to mention here that I was feeling so good the past few days, I could not justify putting off another 5mg decrease for one more week. So I decreased to 30mgs one week early this morning. And now, fuck I feel bad. Still, I don’t regret doing it.

4/14/2012-Not so good night, waking several times with all the symptoms above. Hella lot of sneezing in am. Dose about 45 min ago @ 5am helped minimally. Felt okay during the day w/ just some mild stomach cramping and leg aches, but night a diff story. Ate terrible and drank coke today (not good). Was the worst night so far w/ terrible stomach pains (stomach churning unmercifully), leg and back pains, headache, nausea, chills. Advil and Tums then bed @ 9:00pm. Not hard at all falling asleep. Overall 2

*I think it’s interesting to note that on the day above, I ate and drank terribly. I also got no exercise. Then, that evening was the worst of my detox so far.

4/15/2012-Sleep was actually okay and woke only twice with chills. Woke and dosed @ 5am , with all the symptoms minus the headache. Stomach ache (though no longer churning), chills, legs and back hurt much. Lots of sneezing in am. Dose took most symptoms. Pushed myself physically all day; yard-work, bike riding. Felt very bad in evening with all the normal symptoms + constipation. Was feeling especially anxious. Bed @ 8:30pm, fairly easy to get to sleep. Overall 2.5

4/16/2012- Sleep was good I think because I was exhausted from days activities. Was awakened several times after 1am with symptoms. Woke for good @ 4:30am with bad stomach pains, leg and back aches, runny nose/sneezing (wtf?), chills. Dose took all symptoms. Had a very poor day physically and mentally. All symptoms returned + nausea about 1pm and was hard getting through day. Also had very tuff day mentally, and was very down and depressed. Ate and drank good and began taking Centrum multivitamin. Bed @ 9pm and went to sleep easily. Overall 2

*This decrease has by far been the worst yet. Anxiety, doubt, depression has been hurting me mentally, but hasn’t/won’t break me. There is no doubt a correlation between eating/drinking good, exercising, good sleep and the way I feel. It is absolutely a must for me to kick myself in the ass to get outside and keep busy during day. Would love to speak with doctor on what vitamins and minerals I should be taking. It is literally nuts to think a “clinic” would have me doing this without the advice of their doctor. Oh well, fuck em!

4/17/2012- Slept okay but tossed and turned. Woke up @ 5am feeling bad with stomach ache, chills, leg and back ache, more sneezing/runny nose (sneezing seems to be just in morning). Dosed and symptoms subsided. Pushed myself physically at work today and felt much much better. Amazing the difference a day makes. My head was much clearer and anxiety was low. Symptoms of chills, leg cramps, back pain, and mild headache after work. 800mgs of Advil took headache and hot shower did wonders. Ate and drank good and took Centrum. Went to sleep fine @ 9:30pm. Overall 3

4/18/2012- Slept good. Woke up @ 5 am with bad stomach ache, but subsided quickly. Feeling really good this morning- symptoms were so muted, I actually forgot to dose for 1/2 hr. That’s not much, but it is considering the way I’ve been the past few days. Felt very good all day. No symptoms other than stomach ache. Had a headache as I was going to bed. Took Advil. Ate and drank okay and took Centrum. Bed at 9:30pm and fell asleep fine. Overall 3.5

4/19/2012- Slept fine. Woke up @ 5am with stomach ache, leg cramps and runny nose. Dose took all symptoms. No sneezing thank goodness. Had a good active day at work with minimal symptoms. Early evening had minor headache and took Advil. Ate and drank good-took Centrum. Bed @8:30pm and went to sleep good. Overall 4

4/20/2012-Did not sleep good at all. Woke up @1:30am and never went back to sleep. Had to drive to 1hr to clinic and was really feeling icky till I dosed. Leg and back pain, stomach cramps. Had an okay day although tired. Ate and drank good-took Centrum. Only symptom in eve was small headache. Took Advil and sleep came very easy @ 9:30pm. Overall 4

4/21/2012- Slept fine-woke up @ 4:30am and dose took only symptom of mild stomach ache. Planning on active day working in yard…will see if rain allows it. Felt great all day. Mild stomach pain, but that’s all for symptoms. Ate/drank just okay. Centrum. Bed @ 10:30pm-went to sleep fine. Overall 4

4/22/2012- Slept okay, but a little tossing and turning. Woke @ 3am* and dosed about 4am. No symptoms this morning but mild runny nose and sneezing. Had a very good day. Ate and drank good-took Centrum. Bed @9:30pm, fell asleep fine. Overall 4.5

*Woke up at 3am and couldn’t go back to sleep because I was excited to download last night’s fight (UFC 145).

4/23/2012-Slept very good. No symptoms when I woke up but very mild stomach ache. Woke @ 5:00am and dosed, felt fine. Semi active day at work and had absolutely no symptoms all day. Legs started hurting in evening, so took Advil. Did not eat the greatest today, but drank plenty of fluids. Centrum. Bed @ 9:30pm-went to sleep fine. Overall 4.5*

*I really have felt great the past 2 days. Honestly, they could have been 5’s overall, but I still am technically in detox. That being the case, I will reserve a perfect score for the time this shit is out of my body.

4/24/2012-Slept very good again. I did have a nasty stomach ache when I woke @ 4:30am, but I think that was due to poor diet yesterday. Dosed @ 5am, and that knocked stomach ache right out of the park. Really pushed myself at work today, and feel very good. Evening brought more leg cramps. Legs have really been aching last 2 days. Took Advil for cramps and all okay after 30min. Ate/drank good today. Centrum and bed @10:oopm. Fell asleep fine. Overall 4

4/25/2012- Was very sore when got up @5am from very physical day @ work yesterday. Mild stomach cramps, but dosed @ 5:30am and all symptoms gone. Had a very physical day at work in the sunshine-felt great. Ate good and drank plenty of fluids. I actually forgot to take a Centrum with food and took it on an empty stomach at bed. Now I know why they say take it with food. Ugggh. Fell asleep okay @10pm. Overall 4.5

4/26/2012- Slept good and woke up @ 5:30am with very little symptoms. Dosed @ 6am. Went to work and had a very active day again. Sun was burning bright, and felt great on my face. Ate and drank plenty and good. Took centrum with dinner tonight. Set to decrease to 25mgs/day tomorrow-yippeee! 9pm fell asleep fine. Overall 4.5

4/27/2012-Slept very good and was not happy at all when alarm went off @ 4am to make the 60 mile trip to the clinic. Had relatively no symptoms at all and dosed 25mgs @ 5:30am. Felt really good all day, but took it easy (bracing for the symptoms), and stayed on comp most of day. As night came I had mild stomach cramps and even tummy rumbling (weird) and leg cramps, but that’s about it. Fell asleep easy @ 11:30pm-stayed up late playing vid game (MW3). Overall 3.5

4/28/2012-Slept fairly good, did wake up several times, but didn’t feel bad when I did. Woke up and dosed @ 5:30am with very little in the way of symptoms*. Took Centrum. Mild stomach ache and sneezing was about all. As the day wore on, my symptoms picked up. By evening I had headache, mild chills, stomach ache and legs hurt. Took Advil. However, at bed I was completely exhausted and was able to  fall asleep quickly @ 10pm. Overall 3.5

*I just want to say a little more here. Why am I not really feeling symptoms? I have to ask myself this, because from everything I have read, this is supposed to be a very tough time. I am cutting out almost 1/4 of my dose. There are only two things I must point to-1)I think the exercise I get at work may be helping me tremendously. 2)I’m going to say that this may be my biggest surprise yet-Centrum (multivitamin). I read somewhere that because our diet has been so bad while on drugs, our body is starved for nutrients. This can actually be painful physically, but remember, we have been “pain killing” for years. It’s not surprising we never knew it. I’m laughing right now thinking what my body’s reply would be, “Yeah dummy, what did you think, the BluBell cookies and cream with golden grahams and choco syrup on top was good for you?” Anyway, I really feel a whole lot better since I have begun taking the muti’s. I just wanted to add this so some don’t think (as I probably would be) that I’m fudging.

4/29/2012-Slept very good all night and had vivid dreams. Woke and dosed @6:30am. Dose took symptoms of mild stomach ache, leg cramps, and sneezing. Felt really good all day long. Not much in way of symptoms till evening and then had headache, minor chills, leg and stomach pains. Took Advil and centrum. Bed @ 10:30pm and sleep came fairly easy. Overall 3

4/30/2012-Slept pretty good. A little tossing. Woke @ 4:30amand dose took symptoms of stomach ache, leg cramps, chills, sneezing, and pin prick feelings. Had fairly physical day and sun was extra hot (summer’s here). Took Centrum. Had a terrible day emotionally. Latter part of day, symptoms came back from a.m. + a horrible headache. Took Advil and was okay, but still felt crappy. Sleep was very hard in coming. Went to bed at 10:00pm, but didn’t go to sleep till 11:30. Overall 2

5/1/2012-Slept terrible. Tossed and turned all night. Finally gave up and got up @ 4:30am with stomach ache, neck, back and leg pain and sneezing. Dosed and symptoms for most part relieved. Had a fairly physical day, and symptoms returned late in afternoon. Ate good, but didn’t drink like I should have. Also forgot to take centrum. At bed time took advil for  stomach cramps, leg and back aches and mild headache. Went to sleep okay @ 10:00pm Overall 2.5

5/2/2012- Slept okay, but tossed and turned some. Woke up for good at 5am and dosed. Dose took sneezing, and stomach pains. Pushed myself at work today and was feeling pretty bad by end of day. Didn’t eat the greatest and dont think I drank like I should have either. Also forgot centrum. Gotta get back on track cause I can definitely feel a difference. I am feeling really bad tonight with bad stomach pains, headache, leg cramps, and back is hurting. Took advil, but it’s not done much good. Sleep @ 9:30 fairly easily. Overall 2.5

5/3/2012- Slept pretty good. Woke up @5am and dosed. Sneezing and stomach cramps were symptoms and gone after dose. Took centrum. Had a very physical day and felt really good. By evening all I had was headache, mild stomach cramps and leg cramping. Took Tylenol and felt a head rush (won’t be taking that again). Very strange. Ate and drank good all day and felt much better than previous two days.  Bed @ 9:30pm and went to sleep with only little trouble. Overall 3.5

5/4/2012- Slept very good and woke @ 4:00am to make trip to clinic. 😦 Symptoms were very minimal when I dosed @ 5:30am. Took centrum, and had a very good day at work. No physical to speak of, and used the day to rest. *Had some crazy medical stuff go on, and ended up going to the Urgent Care facility because of something getting stuck in my eye at work. Ate and drank good, and no real symptoms to speak of in eve. Sleep came fine @ 11pm. Overall 4

*About Urgent Care: I tried and tried to get this shit out of my eye, and in the process made things much worse. It all ended with half my face being swollen, and water behind my cornea. I know right, wtf? Who gets water behind their cornea? Anyway, it wasn’t really painful, but something good did come of it and I may ultimately make it’s own post. I used the opportunity (because my fam uses this facility often) to let them know what I was doing at the methadone clinic. I also wanted them to make sure to add to my chart that I was not to be given narcotics unless as a “last resort”. I actually told them to put that in bold letters. I left there feeling really good about my honesty. However, back to my eye. She checked and there were no scratches or tears so she gave me some eye drops. It’s now the next morning and it’s sore but feels much better so I’m thinking I get to keep my eye.

5/5/2012-Woke up @ 4am and couldn’t go back to sleep. Had mild stomach cramping and leg pains, but nothing much more. *Dosed and everything gone. Eye feels much better. Took centrum. By end of day, had fairly bad stomach ache, leg cramps, back aches. Took advil. Ate and drank good. Bed at 10pm, but getting to sleep was a bit hard. Overall 3

*I wanted to say a little about this little change Ive made in my detox. Up until this point my MO has been to decrease 5mgs every two weeks. Well, as Dr. Burson said, the lower I go, the more that 5mgs is a bigger percentage of the whole. Knowing this, I got a baby syringe  on Sat. and took 2.5mgs or so I thought, and threw it in the toilet. I misread the syringe and actually took out 5mgs, and realized this later in the day when my symptoms were a little ruff. Anyway, my plan now will actually be to go down 2.5mgs every week so that I’m not hit so hard every 2 week when I decrease. So, I will be decreasing at the same rate, but splitting it up.

5/6/2012-Woke up @ 4:30am after tossing and turning all night. Dose took mild chills, runny nose, sneezing, stomach ache. Had very good day at beach. Got pretty burnt, but that’s okay. No real symptoms during the day, and only mild stomach cramps in eve. Took Alieve, but forgot my centrum. Realized later in eve that I am really really burnt. That’s okay though, because I feel great. Ate and drank good for most of day* Bed @ 10pm and went to sleep fine. Overall 4

*I probably should have been mentioning this all along the way, but my undying sweet cravings are completely gone. Therefor it is much better to keep a good diet. I would have to say that it was probably around 40mgs/day when I noticed cravings for sweets were no longer tempting me. To this point I ave lost roughly 25 of the 50 extra pounds I had put on while on the higher doses of methadone. Very, very happy about this. (and so is my wife 🙂

5/7/2012-Woke up @5:30am feeling pretty burnt (from sun), but otherwise great. Nothing really but a bit of sneezing, but that stopped after dosing @6am. took centrum. a fairly physical day until lunch* and then rain. Felt very good all day, and into evening. Ate very good and drank lots. No symptoms in evening to speak of. Bed @ 10:30 and sleep came easy. Overall 4

*One thing that I will be writing about soon is the fact that I got a job transfer I put in for at work. It was a very stressful process, but all worked out great. One pro is that I will no longer be traveling between 3 campus’. As a result, I am stationed at the campus with the college gym. I started working out for the first time in years today on my lunch break. Know I will be sore tomorrow, but ain’t givin a shit.

5/8/2012-Had good night’s sleep. Woke up 5:00am w/ slight headache and the damn sneezing. Dose took it @5:30am. Took centrum. Had a great physical day at work and worked out again @ lunch. Ate and drank very good. No symptoms really this eve, but a bit sore from working out. That’s a good thing. Went to sleep @ 9:30pm  good. Overall 4

5/9/2012-Good night’s sleep. Woke @ 5:30am, and had absolutely no symptoms. I actually forgot to dose for 2hrs after I woke! Took centrum. Had very good, physical day at work. Sunshine felt wonderful. By evening, I was feeling a few symptoms (possibly from 2.5mg decrease). Leg aching and stomach ache. Took Alieve. Ate and drank good all day. Sleep @ 10:00pm good. Overall 3.5

5/10/2012-Slept good, and woke @ 5am w/ leg cramps and stomach ache. Dose took symptoms. Took centrum. Had a fairly lazy day, and by eve legs were hurting again. No other symptoms to speak of. Ate and drank well. Sleep @ 8pm (clinic morning tomorrow). Sleep came easy. Overall 3.5

5/11/2012-Slept good and woke @4am to go to clinic. No symptoms to speak of. Dosed @ clinic about 6:00am and was not happy. Took centrum later in morn. By early afternoon, I was feeling pretty bad. I always wonder just how much of it is “in my head”, but I really did feel bad. Guess I must have left a little more in the bottom of that bottle than I thought. As I was feeling so bad yesterday, I really had to struggle to contain my anger for that clinic. Yes, I was blaming them! Anyway, symptoms later in ever were all the usual:upset stomach, leg and back aching, chills, and just really uncomfortable. Ate and drank okay, but not the greatest. Bed @10:30pm and went to sleep easy. Overall 2.5

5/12/2012-Slept okay, but woke @4am and couldn’t go back to sleep. Withdrew 5mgs from my dose and dose calmed chills, leg cramps and stomach ache. Took centrum. Had a very relaxing day, and did nothing but a few loads of laundry (mother’s day weekend). Not really, I do lots of laundry. Anyway, had an okay day with symptoms. Late in eve had nasty stomach ache and leg cramping. Took Alieve. Ate and drank ok (not great). Had some cake that almost made me vomit. Ohhhh thank goodness those sweet cravings are gone. Sleep came about 9:30pm with no probs. Overall 3

5/13/2012- Slept great and woke @ 4am. Took out 5mgs and dosed. Leg cramps and stomach ache left. Centrum. Had a good mothers day but started feeling a bit bad as day went on. Into eve was having stomach pain, leg cramping and back aches. Took advil. Ate and drank good. Bed @ 10:30-went to sleep fine. Overall 3

5/14/2012- Slept good and woke up @5:00am. Took 5mgs out of dose. Woke up with stomach pains, leg and back aches and headache. Dose took most symptoms. Took centrum. Had and okay day but symptoms from morning came back in eve. Took Alieve. Ate good. Actually, didn’t drink good today at all. Bed @9:30pm and fell asleep easy. Overall 3

3/15/2012-Woke @4am to go to clinic. Symptoms weren’t too bad, but did have stomach ache. Dosed when I got to clinic-they had my change order so I am now officially at 20mgs/day. Had fairly physical day at work. Ate good, but another day of not drinking well. Stomach ache, back ache returned in eve. Bed @ 9pm and fell asleep easy. Btw, I need to mention in here that for the past few days, my head has really thrown me for a loop. My mood swings have been awful, and I can feel the poison still trying to hold on now more than ever. It’s just such a great thing that has come with this blog because posting every day has helped to keep me honest, and on track in many ways. For that, I prolly need to thank whomever reads this Overall 3

Here’s the pic of my new 20mg bottles. Like how I situated it in all that healthy fruit? Lol

3/16/2012-Woke @ 4am with stomach cramps only. Took Centrum. By end of daywas feeling horrible. Absolutely my worst day yet. Don’t know if it was all to do with methadone, but I was also taking Keflex (antibiotic) and I have never been good with antibiotics. By evening I had headache, stomach ache, chills, nausea, diarreah (srry but true), bone aching. Overall 1.5

Man, I have to be honest- this is the biggest pain in my ass of anything on this blog. I think it’s just about as bad (to me) as if I were to sit in meetings my whole life saying, “My name is A and I’m a drug addict”. It just ain’t doing it for me so I’ll still leave it, but I’m only going to post on the days I decrease with the pic of the new bottle.

I can’t even begin to say how much of a relief it already is! Lol Sorry, but I don’t think many looked at this part anyway. But…if there are some that were getting something out of it, post it here, and if I get a few, I’ll consider starting the daily thing again. No promises.

So I thought long and hard about this and figured, you know what, if one person reads it, then I’ll keep up with it. Besides, I’m halfway there (from when I started blog) so why stop now. I’m going to be brief with next few days because I wasn’t keeping it written.

3/17/2012 Woke up feeling pretty bad with all symptoms from night before. Took Centrum. I immediately quit the antibiotics, but I had been on them for 9 days so knew it would take a few days to expell the meds. Had pretty nasty day with my stomach. Very bad diarreah, nausea and at night had chills, bone aching, and I was very very drained feeling-almost like I could sleep standing up. Was hard getting to sleep. Overall 2

3/18/2012 Slept just ok. Woke up with bad stomach aching, tired, bone aches, beaten down, but still going. Day was much better overall than previous two. Got out in the sunshine, and did some physical stuff at work. By end of day I was very very tired. Stomach was still hurting pretty bad (which I’m attributing more and more to antibiotics) and still had bad diarreah and nausea. Bones were aching also. Went to sleep just okay again. Overall 2.5

3/19/2012 Slept fairly well, and woke @4:00am with stomach ache and diarreah, but felt much better. Took centrum. Rested and wrote most of day and didn’t go far from home at all. Had very good day with kids and wife. still, stomach continued to give me fits, but better all the same. By eve had stomach ache, diarreah ( not as bad), chills, and bone aching. Went to sleep fine. overall 3

3/20/2012 Slept good and woke @ 4:30am. Stomach was hurting and still have diarreah, but feeling better. Went to beach all day, and I swam in the water like I haven’t done since I was a kid.* By eve I was feeling a bit ruff and had some fairly bad diarreah with a pretty bad stomach ache. I’m sure my eating 4 peaches didn’t help. Had pretty bad chills too, but that prob had more to do with me being so burnt. went to sleep ok @ 10:00pm

*Today at the beach, I let the water and waves consume me, and it felt wonderful. It’s funny now how much I have been enjoying the beach again. me and my wife were joking that we probably used the same bottle of sunscreen for the first 6 years of our marraige, and we’re about to have to buy our 3rd for jsut this year. Absolutely amazing what you want to do when you aren’t chasing a high. I have to wonder wtf my wife ever saw in me before, but anyway. day was great, but I am scorched.

5/21/2012-Woke up @ 4am feeling badly burned. Stomach was hurting and had chills. Had fairly physical day at work and will be getting up early to head to clinic in am.* felt great all day. Had no problem with any symptoms other than mild diarreah, and mild stomack pains. Went to bed @9pm and had a little problem getting to sleep. Overall 3.5

*Me and wife calculated this morning that I have seven more trips to these numb-nutts and it’s all over. Yippee!!

5/22/2012- Woke up @3:30am and got ready and left for clinic. Saw counselor today- she didn’t recognize me. Ate good, but didn’t drink enough, but took centrum. It’s been 2 months since I saw her and she said I looked different somehow. Ha, can’t imagine why? Symptoms were mild all day, and only had mild stomach pains in eve. Went to bed @ 11:00pm and easily went nighty night. Overall 4

5/23/2012- Got up @ 5am, and pulled 2.5mgs from bottle before dosing. I’m now officially in the teens (17.5mgs/day). Feels good. No real symptoms but mild upset stomach. Had fairly active day with good eating and drinking. Took centrum and no real symptoms at night. Went to bed @ 10:30pm; went to sleep well. Overall 4

5/24/2012- Got up @ 5am sneezing. Had mild stomach cramps and some diarrhea. Took 17.5mg dose and symptoms subsided. Took centrum, and had a semi-physical day at work. Could have eaten and drank better. By evening I had stomach ache again. Went to sleep @ 3am, and didn’t sleep well. Vivid dreams kept waking me. Overall 4.5

5/25/2012- Got up @ 5am and couldn’t go back to sleep. Bad stomach ache and diarrhea. Went about my day, and actually forgot to dose till 11:00am! Had wonderful morning in spite of not dosing, but didn’t eat or drink well all day. Paid price with bad stomach ache and diarrhea in evening. Very exhausted and went to bed @ 5:30pm.Overall 4.5

5/26/2012- Slept like a log and got up @ 6am (12.5hrs sleep). Stomach still aching with diarrhea. Dosed 17.5 and symptoms persisted. Had a relaxed day and wrote a lot. By evening had bad stomach ache and more diarrhea. Ate and drank ok but not great. Feeling very depressed all day. Went to bed @ 10pm and slept ok. Overall 2.5

5/27/2012- Slept fairly well and woke @ 5:00am with better energy. Stomach still aches with diarrhea, but better. Dose eased symptoms. Had another relaxed day with much writing. Ate and drank well and took centrum (missed previous 2 days). By evening stomach ache and diarrhea much better. State of mind much better today. Overall 3.5

5/28/2012- Slept great and woke @ 5:00am. Stomach ache mild, but so far no diarrhea! Dosed 17.5mgs, and felt fine. Had a good physically active day at work. Took centrum and ate and drank okay. By eve felt a bit sluggish, but was able to go to sleep fine @9:00pm Overall 3.5

5/29/2012- Got up @ 3:30am and went to clinic feeling fairly well. Stomach still fucked up, but not much else. Got there intending to decrease but couldn’t*. Had good day w/out problem,  but tummy still jacked up in eve. Forgot centrum and didn’t eat well and drank worse. Went to bed @9:30pm. Overall 3

*I couldn’t decrease for 2 reasons. 1. The clinics computers were down for 2 days because of Tropical Storm Beryll. They were only allowing people to dose with no take outs or change orders. 2. I forgot to tell the stupid shits (clinic) last week I wanted to decrease this week. As I said before, they no longer allow patients to decrease when and how they want. It has to be signed by the doctor before any changes are made. Funny thing is, that was the one thing I liked about the clinic. That being the ability to decrease whenever and however you please.

5/30/2012- Got up @ 4am and went to clinic again to dose w/ no takeouts. Didn’t rinse bottom of bottle so I hoped that = 5 mgs. Had fairly okay day but stomach started hurting in eve. Ate and drank ok and took centrum. Went to bed @9pm and went to sleep ok. Overall 3

5/31/2012 Got up @ 4am and went to clinic. Got takeouts and didn’t wash bottle out when I dosed. Let nurse know I wanted to decrease to 15mgs next Thurs. Got takeouts and went home feeling ok. Had active day working. Ate and drank well and took centrum. By eve was feeling really shitty. Stomach ache, muscle aches, headache, and emotions shot out. Went to sleep ok at 10pm. Overall 2.5

6/1/2012 Got up @ 4:30am. Took centrum and dosed first sure dose of 15mg. Did much soul searching and writing this day. (off on Fridays for summer) By end of day my emotions were wrecked. I was beaten down and disgusted. I’ll save the time and say that the whole of me burned. It wasn’t good feeling but it was a necessary feeling. By 9pm I was exhausted and went to sleep easy. Overall 1.5

6/2/2012 Woke @ 4:30am and breathed. Just admired life for a few hours and posted “My Grad” Dosed 15mgs and felt ok. Took centrum. Day was awesome. Went to daughters graduation party and did some kayaking down the St. Johns River. Just admired life out there and tried to soak in as much as I could. Beautiful and even saw an alligator. By evening though, things went bad. Emotions in a wreck and all bones ached. Was very happy to reach bed time @ 9:00pm and fell asleep okay. Overall 2

6/3/2012 Woke @ 4am and dosed. Was feeling pretty ruff when dosed, but most symptoms subsided. Took centrum. Had very relaxing day, and I think now, too relaxing. I was able to focus too much on pain, and by 3pm, I was a wreck mentally more than physically. I decided to put my MP3 player on and go for bike ride. I rode hard and felt better, but drained when I got home. By night, not so good. Didn’t eat and drink too well either. Bed at 8:30pm and sleep came fairly easy. Overall 1.5

6/4/2012 Woke at 3:30am feeling bad and dosed. Took centrum. Felt better, but still not great. Took note of how bad this decrease has hit me. Having a few problems communicating with wife, but she’s just adjusting to “new” me I think. Had a very physical day at work and was exhausted in eve. Even though emotions still ripped, felt a little better this eve than past few days so I hope I’m on up-swing. Went to bed @ 9pm and went to sleep good. Overall 2

6/5/2012 Woke at 4am and felt better than previous few days. Took centrum. Had great day at work and wife and I are communicating best. Still tired and weak but strength is coming back. Rebuilding myself to get ready for decrease on Sat. to 12.5mgs <—-Holy shit, that doesn’t even look right! * By evening I felt good enough to keep going.  Went to sleep 9pm and came easy. Overall 2.5

*Starting to see light outside of the tunnel. Almost there and just to give a few words of what I’m listening to right now.

1st- my Spirit

2nd-my wife

3rd-my friends

4th-“Till I Collapse” eminem,

“Till the roof comes off, till the lights go out
Till my legs give out, can’t shut my mouth.
Till the smoke clears out – am I high? Perhaps (not for long)
I’ma rip this shit till my bone collapse.”

6/6/2012 Woke up feeling sluggish but felt better after dose. Took Centrum. Felt better all day. Had fairly physical day. By eve was feeling better than I have for last few days. Ate good, but drinking- not so much. Had headache I think because not enough fluids. Went to sleep okay @ 9pm Overall 3.5

6/7/2012- Up @ 4am to clinic. Took centrum. Even though I’ve been @15mgs for 6 days, got the dose change today. Had a good day, but all at home cause son was sick. Spent day active with sterilizing house from son’s stomach flu.  Ate and drank good. Felt very good all the way till bed @ 9:30pm Overall 4

6/8/2012- Up @ 5am and started dosing 12.5mgs today.* By afternoon symptoms pouring over me again. Anxiety, nausea, stomach ache, headache, bones creaking. Went to daughter’s graduation and was pretty uncomfortable. By eve was really happy to get into bed. Went to sleep good @10:30pm. Overall 2.5

*I am now keeping the extra I pull out of my bottle’s for when I jump off @ 5mgs. Can’t even believe in 4 weeks this clinic bullshit will be over.

6/9/2012- Up @ 5am and wrote. Feeling fairly anxious, and symptoms yesterday were back. Dose helped, but not completely. Had an okay day eating and drinking. Took centrum. Afternoon was ruff and into evening. A bit hard to get to sleep @ 10:00pm. Overall 2

6/10/2012- Up @ 4:30am. Felt bad, with all usual symptoms till I dosed. Had relaxing day and didn’t do much. Ate and drank okay. Took centrum. By afternoon was really anxious. Was having pain in my chest and tingling in my left elbow down to my ring and little finger.* Evening had minor headache and leg cramping. Went to sleep okay @ 9:00pm Overall 3

*Decided to go to Med Ex (urgent care) just to be on safe side. Was examined and BP was a little high. EKG they said was normal except for my heart rate. I left feeling reassured I wasn’t having a heart attack.

6/11/2012- Up @4am. Symptoms not bad at all. Took centrum. Had fairly physical day working. Had low grade headache all day. By evening felt good. Ate and drank good. Went to sleep okay @9:00pm

6/12/2012- Up @ 4:30am Symptoms not bothering me other than light headache. Took centrum. Had good day at work. Evening was fine other than persistent low grade headache. Ate and drank good. Went to sleep @10:00pm. *

* All day long I got the feeling my body was telling me it was time to stop methadone.

6/13/2012- Up @ 5am and felt fine. Still had low grade headache though. Decided it was time to stop methadone so I didn’t take my last dose bottle. Worked vigorously throughout day. Have a post “Need For Clarity” that explains next several days. Ate good and drank lots. Went to bed @ 10pm but slept very little. Overall 2

6/14/2012- Up for good @ 2:30am. Was very ill as I left for work. Pushed my body all day and tried not to think about symptoms. Symptoms included: sneezing, bone aching, crawling skin, headache, nausea, stomach cramping.By afternoon I was feeling a little better and was happy for that. Tried going to sleep but never did. Never could get comfortable. Overall 1.5

6/15/2012- Fri morning family got up and got ready to go to Jecklyl Island for weekend fam reunion. Was exhausted all day, but felt better physically. Spent time in pool and walking on beach. Was so tired but realizing I’m seeing all the sights “drug free” was quite an experience. Went to bed @ 10:30pm and slept 6 hrs albeit not straight through. Overall 3

6/16/2012- Sat morning got up and went for long walk on beach. Watched sun rise and took it all in OFF METHADONE! Had good nap midday and slept okay that evening. However, still fairly uncomfortable as I slept. Overall 3

6/17/2012- Woke up with bad stomach cramps. Ate breakfast and set out home. On way home stomach never felt any better. Stayed in bed most of day very uncomfortable. Tried going to sleep at 10pm and never did all night. Evert time I would try to relax, some random thing would wake me. Overall 2

6/18/2012- Got out of bed @ 6am and felt awful. Lack of good sleep was getting to me.* I ended up staying home from work and napped @ 11am for about 4 straight hours. That was the longest straight through time I have slept since last Tues. night. Felt fairly good for rest of day. Ate and drank good.  A little hard getting to sleep @ 11:30pm. Overall 2.5

*I got ready and set to go to work but felt too bad. I went to Med Ex and they gave some advice and also prescribed Clonodine. My BP was very high (by my body’s standards) @ 150/103. Once I got that script filled I was so much more relaxed and was able to take the good nap.

6/19/2012- Got up at 6am after night with 6 hours sleep, but woke up every hour. Very restless at night. Took Clonodine early in am and felt very lightheaded, but much calmer overall past two days. Much more even keel emotionally and psychologically also. Had light day at work. Ate not so good, but drank lots of Gatorade w/ aminos. Have forgotten to take Centrum for several days. Took Clonodine at 11:00pm Hard time getting to sleep @ 1:30am. Overall 2.5

6/20/2012- Woke @ 3:30am and could never go back to sleep. No Clonodine this a.m. Went to work

Methadone addiction

I started this blog to help myself as well as others who are trapped.  For those like me, who are locked in a life or death struggle in a methadone clinic, aka methadone death camp. My affair with opiates began when I was about 24 years old. Right around the time that Oxycontin (OC) was hitting the opiate scene. OC eventually led me to methadone maintenance treatment (MTT). Sounds all professionally medical and stuff huh. Yeah well methadone, as it turns out, is actually the hardest of all opiates to kick. Health, relationships, finances, taste and emotions are just a few things that this hideous drug has robbed me of.  About 1 year ago, I decided I wanted my life back.

Right now I am at 40mgs/day. This is down from roughly 160mgs/day when I began my detox just over 1 year ago.  I can tell my sense of taste is coming back because foods are becoming rich again. I am losing my mad craving for sweets, which is very common with methadone use. My emotions are on a roller coaster as I find myself confronting feelings that have been numb to me for 20 years. My body aches as the opiates leave me. If you didn’t already know, the physical aspects of detox are horrendous for methadone addicts. There are times I swear I can almost feel sludge on my skin as this poison slowly seeps from my pores. It’s okay though because I have young children that I mean to see for the first time. They are coming into view now, but still a bit cloudy. Just the other day, as I was contemplating this blog, I was outside and I actually smelled the rain coming in on the wind. I was surprised when I realized it was something I had not smelled in a very long time. Opiates dull everything in your life and this does not exclude sense of smell. That rain smelled glorious by the way.

I would like everyone that reads it, to take this blog for what you will. Some may use it for information and others encouragement. Know this though-my heart and soul will be poured onto these pages so it will be alive. Leave messages of encouragement if you feel the notion, for they will be greatly appreciated. Please pass it on though as I want as many warm bodies behind me as I can get. I figure, a professional fighter does not go into a fight alone. He has a pack of supporters that come to the fight with him, for him. Why wouldn’t I want as many people as possible in my corner when I am in the fight of my life? The answer is that I do. I know I cannot do this alone.  Also, if you know someone struggling with addiction, direct him or her here. Hopefully, we can find peace together.

I think much of the words in the song “Only God Knows Why” by Kid Rock. I have always thought of it as my theme song. The words ring especially true now:
People don’t know about the things I say and do
They don’t understand about the shit that I’ve been through
It’s been so long since I’ve been home
I’ve been gone, I’ve been gone for way too long
Maybe I forgot all things I miss
Oh somehow I know there’s more to life than this
I said it too many times
And I still stand firm
You get what you put in
And people get what they deserve
Still I ain’t seen mine
No I ain’t seen mine
I’ve been giving just ain’t been gettin
I’ve been walking that there line
So I think I’ll keep a walking

Thank you all immensely for reading,