Need anyone’s help

This is a very important post. I have been detoxing for nearly a year and have yet to actually speak face to face with someone that has detoxed from methadone. This cannot be good news. If this isn’t evidence that something is very wrong I do not know what is.

There is also something very wrong with a (methadone) clinic that rapes a person of their riches and many times eventually their life; all this while offering no program for escape. Please do not tell me of the few clinics that do because I believe they are just that- few. I have a problem with even those few too, because of the nature of the drug they push.

For many hooked on opiates including me, the clinic is a welcome respite from the street drug dealers we are used to interacting with. The clinical settings and all the perfectly crafted words combined with our desire to keep using lulls us into a feeling of security. That would be fine if the drug didn’t quietly take every other piece of you that the drug dealers left behind.

Silently at first, this drug weaves its way into every part of your being. It entangles then squeezes out everything down to the calcium in your bone marrow. I know because there is a permanent layer of calcium coating my toilet bowl. I have pictures, and I am not alone. Most just don’t realize or don’t want to realize what it is. If you survive, there will be a time you will realize what methadone did to you.

If you are on methadone, there will come a day when you will feel it woven around your neck. You will struggle because it will be uncomfortable, and sadly many will be choked to death. If you are one that begins the process of un-weaving, it will be a very slow and painful process. It is done one string at a time and every one is painful when pulled. It still can be done, and then you will think of want to do next.

I have come to believe life can be viewed hypothetically as a big scale. Rights and wrongs are on either side, and I believe we cannot be right until the rights outweigh the wrongs. Many of us dealt drugs to support our habit amongst other things, and some things worse than dealing. Many of the wrongs were done to ourselves, but wrongs they still are.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I know better than anyone that I never want to sit around a room and rehash my past over and over. That’s not what I’m saying. I mean helping others with the terribly painful process of pulling methadone strings. This is an awful experience and I believe it is our responsibility to help others never go through it alone.

It’s our responsibility because we need to balance the scales. I believe the clinics know this and that is why they have flooded the internet with so much pro-methadone bullshit. I know there are those out there that have quit, but finding them is the issue.

It can be done, but the methadone clinics will be damned if they facilitate a connection between us. That is why we must do it. We have to band together and pull people from the methadone clinic lines one by one. Then they start pulling their own strings.

I believe methadone is an evil in our society that we all must band together to rid. I know because I’m living it and there is nothing natural about it down to its manufacture. It is a synthetic opiate.

Methadone is man made by the worst in humans- the Nazis. Don’t believe me, look it up. It was name Dolophine after Adolf Hitler. If that isn’t enough proof for you, get addicted and see from where this evil comes. When it is choking the life from you, you will know.

One day I hope we can all look around and see many people we have helped regain all their senses. We were given these senses for a reason, and it wasn’t for them to be snuffed. After all, I believe we all deserve to smell the rain.

3 responses to “Need anyone’s help

  1. I recently found out my 22 year old son was addicted to opiates and was going to a methadone clinic in Buffalo, NY so they could “ween him off” so he would no longer want to use. Bottom line: IT’S A BUNCH OF CRAP!!! This clinic was giving him 120mg A DAY – many clinics will start them at 30mg and slowly reduce it but not there…they kept increasing it. I live in another state so I drove to NY, packed his stuff and moved him to where I live but I met with his so called “counselor” at the clinic who was practically having a heart attack because he was moving away so soon. They were able to get him “guest dosed” at a clinic an hour from my house. When I met with the counselor, he told me my son owes the clinic $724. HOW does that happen??? He signed a form for payment but of course was high out of his mind when he did it therefore, I am going to contact an attorney about the misuse of methadone at that clinic and I’m NOT going to pay them for getting my son terribly addicted to methadone. When he started the clinic in the state where I live, they were not happy that the other clinic had him on such a high dose but they couldn’t get him admitted to their program for almost a month. Needless to say, I finally got through to him that having to go to a clinic for his dose EVERY DAY at $15 per dose as well as a tank of gas every 4 days was not going to work and that he needed to get all of that crap out of his system. By the Grace of God, we found a treatment center in Florida that would detox him from the methadone as well as give him the counseling necessary to be strong enough to stay drug free. He went to the clinic here 5 days and the next day was on a plane to Florida for treatment. They will be detoxing him for 8 days then on to the rehab portion of the stay and they told me they will keep him as long as he needs to stay to be healthy again. Methadone clinics are only keeping people addicted and not treating them for their addiction. You can’t treat addiction from one drug with another drug, just doesn’t make sense. My son is currently on day 3 of detox and I spoke to him today. He is going to group counseling as much as he can and taking this blessing very seriously. Unfortunately, not everyone can be that lucky and will continue to believe that my using methadone, they are clean but don’t realize they are literally chained to that drug just as they would be if they were shooting up or snorting drugs!

  2. Methadone was first synthetized in 1939 at the pharmaceutical laboratories of the I.G. Farbenkonzern, a subsidiary of the Farbwerke Hoechst, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It was meant to be used as a substitute to morphine to stop pain and help with recovery. There was nothing evil or “Nazi-fied’ about it . Was called Amidone during and after the war, in Germany. The name Adolophine was created in 1970s America to give it a bad rap. After the war America confiscated all the chemical formulas for various drugs and methadone was approved for pain relief.

    • So let me get this straight David, you pick out a couple points that you can nit-pick and that’s how you defend methadone? I happened to be going through detox at that time, and I admit I was a lil dramatic. Have you ever experienced detox from methadone? No, I don’t think you have. So don’t presume to tell me what is, or is not evil. That was my experience, this is my mind and I will view methadone in whatever way I want.

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